Research centres and institutes

La Trobe University participates in a number of collaborative research centres and joint ventures with other research organisations, industry and government bodies. Pursuant to the Strategic Plan, the University will deepen its research capacity by supporting a number of research institutes that will provide an opportunity for a significant number of academic staff from more than one discipline area to focus their research effort on a common field of enquiry. The expectation is that all institutes will develop a strong track record of external research funding.

University-based Research Centres and Institutes

La Trobe University supports several research centres and institutes to provide a focal point for research strengths and to establish links to external users of that research.

National and International Research Centres and Institutes

Cooperative Research Centres

College-based Research Centres and Institutes

La Trobe University facilitates the establishment of links between La Trobe University research groups and users of that research through a number of college-based research centres and institutes.

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

College of Science, Health and Engineering