Specialist research scholarships

China Studies Research Centre Scholarship

The China Studies Research Centre at La Trobe University is seeking Expressions of Interest from potential applicants for one of a number of three-year doctoral scholarships for research in the fields of Chinese philosophy or Chinese intellectual history. The Centre was established to foster China-related research across the University, to strengthen research links with China, and to promote La Trobe’s research reputation and expertise.

Successful scholarship applicants will be involved in the intellectual life of the Centre and receive research training through being involved in major international research projects led by Professor John Makeham.

Download the scholarship flyer for full details [PDF 41KB]

La Trobe University and Lowitja Institute Indigenous Postgraduate Research Scholarship

These prestigious scholarships, supported by La Trobe University in partnership with the Lowitja Institute, will enable an outstanding Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander candidate to undertake a PhD or Master’s by research degree at La Trobe University.

Applicants must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent and have a high level of academic achievement, including a knowledge of Indigenous knowledge systems.

Download the scholarship flyer for full details [PDF 35KB]

Robin Clark Berry Street Take Two Research Scholarship

Doctoral research scholarship awarded to an outstanding candidate to undertake research aimed at furthering the evidence base regarding child complex trauma.

This prestigious scholarship, established by Berry Street's Take Two Program which is in partnership with La Trobe University, Mindful Centre for Training and Research in Developmental Health and Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA). The scholarship is dedicated to the memory of  Robin Dennis Clark (1936–2001), a visionary and leader who has greatly influenced current practice in Victorian child, youth and family services. Take Two is a Statewide developmental therapeutic program for children and young people in the Child Protection system. Take Two works intensively with the distressed child or young person, their family, carer and other services, to help them recover from the trauma of child abuse, neglect and violence.

Download the scholarship flyer for full details [PDF 68KB]

ARC Rivers of Gold Research Scholarship

The ARC Rivers of Gold project is a 4 year study directed towards understanding the human and environmental legacy of gold mining activities in Victoria in the 1800s.

This ARC Discovery project is a collaboration between two departments at La Trobe University (Archaeology; Ecology, Environment and Evolution), the Department of Resource Management and Geography at University of Melbourne, and the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at the University of Aberystwyth (UK). The overall aim of the project is to understand the effects of gold mining practices in Victoria in the 1800s on the geomorphology of the affected river valleys, and the distribution of contaminants (e.g. mercury and arsenic) arising from these activities.

Download the scholarship flyer for full details [PDF 34KB]

Mathematics and Statistics Doctoral Research Scholarship

A doctoral research scholarship awarded to outstanding candidates to undertake research on a project funded by the Australian Research Council.

The Project `New Methods in Theory and Cosmic Applications of Spherical Random Fields' aims to investigate and model spherical random fields which are described as solutions of stochastic differential equations on a sphere or a ball. The project will study properties and develop spectral analysis of these solutions. The obtained theoretical results will be used to construct new methods for numerical approximation and statistical estimation of these random fields. In particular, novel asymptotic and statistical methodology will be developed for tensor random fields. The results will be applied to model and analyse cosmic microwave background data. The work will improve the accuracy in determining cosmological parameters and provide novel tools for better understanding of the Universe during its early stages.

Download the scholarship flyer for full details [PDF 36KB]