La Trobe PhD - with an industry focus

Female and male doctor reviewing an X-ray imageOur La Trobe PhD may be tailored to provide candidates with more industry experience. As a candidate, you will be embedded within an industry partner organisation to undertake a research project that addresses a real-world problem identified by, and of critical importance to, an industry partner. This option is available to prospective applicants and may take place in a wide range of private sector, government and not-for-profit organisations. This program provides an effective and innovative means to rapidly identify and solve industry-relevant problems at a commercially relevant pace, while maintaining the academic rigour of our La Trobe PhD. Upon completion, you will graduate with a La Trobe PhD degree, but with the added benefits of having obtained additional industry experience.

Benefits of a PhD with an industry focus

  • For private-sector industry partners, working with us is a cost-effective way to solve your immediate business challenges, generate commercial gains and build an innovative future workforce. In the not-for-profit sector the program will generate innovative, interdisciplinary solutions to real-life problems in a range of priority areas, including education, health, and social and environmental challenges and help inform policy.
  • At the completion of the program, businesses and organisations will have gained new knowledge, identified new market opportunities and established the foundations for a lasting research collaboration with La Trobe University. In addition, the partner will have access to a growing network of industry-trained and industry-ready La Trobe PhD graduates.
  • For the candidate, the program provides an opportunity to gain a solid understanding of the nexus between research and industry, and to develop research translation skills enabling them to identify and undertake research that quickly influences key priorities of the industry organisation. Candidates will learn from business leaders who drive innovation and entrepreneurship, and will build professional contacts and industry networks. The enhanced employability of students who complete the program  will create new opportunities and career options beyond the PhD.

How to get involved?

If you are:

  • a prospective PhD candidate interested in completing a La Trobe PhD with an industry focus
  • a La Trobe staff member with contacts in industry organisations that might be interested in developing an Industry PhD project, or
  • an industry organisation keen to access La Trobe’s research expertise to support your organisational goals,

please contact the La Trobe Graduate Research School at

What if I've already started a PhD?

If you are an existing PhD candidate, there are many other options that will provide you with industry experience available through our industry internship and industry mentoring programs.