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Ms Caroline Spry

Course of study:
Phd in Archaeology

An average day for me depends on whether I’m doing field work or whether I’m working at La Trobe University in my office. If I’m doing field work up at Lake Mungo I’m basically looking for new archaeological sites or stone artefact scatters, and when I find them I record them in detail and then when I’m back in Melbourne at La Trobe University working in my office I’m analysing that data and doing some research and I’m trying to write up my chapters.

There are two things that help overcome the challenges with being faced with a big research project and one of them is just taking a really organised approach from the get go – when you first start trying to plan everything out. And the other thing is having a good supervisor – which I do, she gives me a lot of direction and a lot of feedback on my progress, so that I can improve things all the time.