Next-Generation Sequencing

The Genomics Platform features many state-of-the-art next generation sequencing instruments.


  • Library preparation*: using standard Illumina kits
  • Sample/Library QC*:
  • Library sequencing:
  • Grants: work quoting / estimates for grant applications




  • Small to medium scale sequencing capacity (<8 Gb)
  • De novo genome sequencing of small to medium sized genomes
  • Exome sequencing
  • Transcriptome sequencing
  • Genotyping by sequencing (RADseq)Targeted re-sequencing (e.g. sequencing of disease-associated genes in a patient cohort).



  • 300 bp PE
  • 25 million reads per run.

NextSeq 500



  • 150 PE
  • 400 million reads per run.


  • 150 PE
  • 130 million reads per run.

HiSeq 1500


  • De novo genome sequencing (unknown genomes)
  • Targeted resequencing - multiplexed PCR amplicons > exomes > known genomes
  • Transcriptome (RNA) sequencing (identify and quantify global mRNA expression patterns
  • Global analysis of DNA-protein interactions using ChIP-seq
  • Identification and quantification of micro RNAs without prior genome annotation
  • Genotyping by sequencing (RADseq)
  • Epigenetic sequencing of:
    • bisulfite-converted DNA
    • methylation-sensitive restriction digest-enriched fragments
    • anti-methyl C-precipitated fragments
    • chromatin IP of methyltransferases containing aza-labelled DNA.



  • 125 bp PE
  • 250 million reads per lane.

Rapid run

  • 150 bp PE
  • 150 million reads per lane.

2200 TapeStation


  • RNA, DNA and protein sample QC

Bioruptor Standard UCD-200

Diagenode’s Bioruptor ® Standard uses a gentle method of sonication to retain the integrity of DNA and/or biological complexes, including chromatin, protein-protein binding, protein-DNA complexes and other biochemical and biological assay systems.

User Manual


If you wish to submit some samples to be sequenced using our facility, please complete a Quote / Project Checklist below. Our team will contact you to arrange a quote and a date when it can be performed.

Quote / Project Checklist

If you wish to have a consultation it can be arranged after completing the checklist.

To access any of the auxiliary instruments please email

Price guideline

Please note that prices are an estimate based on current Illumina prices and may be subject to change.

Sequencing pricing [PDF 387KB].