Lecture archive

2016 - Jim Ife: Rethinking Human Rights in the 21st century (PDF 112KB)

Apart from a touch of poetry, Emeritus Professor Jim Ife covered the rights of humans, animals and the earth, in relation to the “multiple and serious” human rights issues we face right now. “If the powers that be read Wordsworth, we’d have a much better world,” he said.

2015 - David Hunt: From Crown Tyranny to Australian Democracy

David Hunt an award winning and best selling Australian history author (Girt: The Unauthorized History of Australia) and podcaster. David discussed how a land settled by pickpockets, sheep thieves and Irishman transformed from Tyranny into a model constitutional democracy in a single human life span.

2013 - Rajmohan Ghandi: What would Gandhi do?

Professor Gandhi the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi – the human rights activist who led a peaceful resistance movement against the British Empire’s control of India. Profoundly influenced by his grandfather’s legacy, Professor Gandhi has spent his life working as a journalist, biographer and peace builder and shares his stories.

2012 - Painting a Picture:  Tony Ellwood and Karen Quinlan

John Higgs board director of the Bendigo Art Gallery chats with Tony Ellwood Director of National Gallery Victoria and Karen Quinlan Gallery Director about the key influencers and drivers that have guided their careers.

2011 - Shaun Tan: Tales from Inner Suburbia

Shaun Tan an award winning illustrator and Author of children’s books. Mr. Tan also directed the academy award winning short film “The lost thing”. In 2011 he received the prestigious Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, honoring his contribution to international children’s literature.

2010 - Ross Garnaut: Sustainability

Ross Garnaut an economist whose career has been built around the analysis of and practice of policy connected to development, economic policy and international relations in Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

2009 - Education in Australia

Professor Mick Dodson AM, 2009 Australian of the Year delivered an inspirational lecture addressing the issues that must be met in order to see an improvement in the lives of all young Australians, in particularly young indigenous Australians.

2008 - Politics and the Public Language

One of Australia's most distinquished writers and public speakers, Mr Don Watson's lecture can be downloaded for free at i-Tunes or listened to by clicking on the link above.

2007 - Can we avoid the looming ecological armageddon?

Award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster, Dr David Suzuki. The lecture can be downloaded for free at i-Tunes or listened to by clicking on the link above.

2006 - Globalisation, the WTO and a World without Walls (PDF 68KB)

Rt Hon Mike Moore, former Prime Minister of New Zealand and former Director-General of the World Trade Organisation.

2005 - The Strange Case of Cornelia Rau (PDF 92KB)

Professor Robert Manne

2004 - Integration, Quick Smart: Disability and Community (PDF 56KB)

Dr Rhonda Galbally AO.

2003 - Alois Alzheimer - Gone but not forgotten? (PDF 72KB)

Associate Professor Tony Snell.

2002 - Footprints on the Sands of Time: Bendigo's Citizens, the 1909 Bendigonian Annual and Community History (PDF 384KB)

Professor Jeff Brownrigg.

2001 - 150 Years of Gold (PDF 60KB)

Peter McCarthy.

2000 - Referendum - The Australian Way (PDF 36KB)

The Rt Hon Sir Ninian Stephen.

1999 - Confronting Ageism - Towards a Society for All Ages (PDF 28KB)

Delys Sargeant.

1998 - What Makes a Place a Community (PDF 92KB)

Dr Al Luloff.

1997 - The Myth of the Level Playing Field (PDF 41KB)

Dr John White.

1996 - Towns and Gowns: the Humanities and the Community (PDF 39KB)

Dr Janet McCalman.

1995 - The Murray Darling Basin Initiative: A Case Study in Integrated Catchment Management (PDF 47KB)

Mr Don Blackmore.

1994 - He Trusted the People (PDF 63KB)

The Hon Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG.