2004 Performance portfolio - chapters

The 2004 Performance Portfolio is divided into 10 chapters.


  1. The institutional setting (PDF 268KB)
  2. Quality, planning and review (PDF 184KB)
  3. Learning and Teaching (PDF 201KB)
  4. Research and research training (PDF 225KB)
  5. Regionalisation and community engagement (PDF 181KB)
  6. Students and student support (PDF 191KB)
  7. Staff (PDF 200KB)
  8. Academic support (PDF 164KB)
  9. Internationalisation (PDF 192KB)
  10. Services and infrastructure support (PDF 187KB) (appendices and supporting documentation also in this chapter)

Additional information


The Portfolio was approved by Council on 3 May 2004, and was delivered to AUQA on 9 June 2004, in preparation for the August audit visit.