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Mr Timothy Andrew

Mr Timothy Andrew Godber


College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Psychology and Public Health

Department of Psychology and Counselling

AS2 3.15, Bendigo


BA, BEd, MEd Psych UMELB.



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Brief profile

Tim Godber is interested in psychological assessment and diagnosis.

Teaching units

PSY1HPM Historical Philosophical and Methodological Foundations of Psychology

PSY3PAS Psychological Assessment


Psychological Assessment

Recent publications

Jeavons S, Godber T. (2005) World Assumptions as a measure of meaning in rural road crash victims. Aust J Rural Health Aug;13(4):226-31.

Anderson VA, Godber T, Smibert E, Weiskop S, & Ekert H. (2004) Impairments of attention following treatment with cranial irradiation and chemotherapy in children. J Clin Exp Neuropsychol.;26(5):684-97.

Schmidt Neven, R., Anderson, V., & Godber, T. (2002) Rethinking ADHD Allen & Unwin.

Godber T, Anderson V, & Bell R. (2000) The measurement and diagnostic utility of intrasubtest scatter in pediatric neuropsychology. J Clin Psychol.56(1):101-12.

Anderson VA, Godber T, Smibert E, Weiskop S, & Ekert H. (2000) Cognitive and academic outcome following cranial irradiation and chemotherapy in children: a longitudinal study. Br J Cancer. 82(2):255-62.

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Anderson V, Smibert E, Ekert H, & Godber T. (1994) Intellectual, educational, and behavioural sequelae after cranial irradiation and chemotherapy. Arch Dis Child. 70(6):476-83.