Staff profile

Dr RaeLynn Álvarez

Dr RaeLynn Álvarez Wicklein

BSci, MSci, PsyD

Supervised Placement Liaison Coordinator - Counselling Psychology program, Lecturer, Clinical Supervisor

College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Psychology and Public Health

Department of Psychology and Counselling

HS1-327, Melbourne (Bundoora)


B.Sc. (Psych), M.Sc. (Psych), PsyD (Counselling Psych)



Membership of professional associations

MAPS, MCCOUNP, MCCLINP, APS Women and Psychology Interest Group, APS Psychology of Eating, Weight and Body Image IG, APA (International Affliate)

Area of study

Counselling Psychology

Brief profile

Dr RaeLynn Álvarez Wicklein, member of both the Australian Psychological Society Colleges of Counselling Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists, is State Section Chair (Victoria) of the APS Counselling College and convened the APS Women and Psychology Interest Group (2006-2011). She was previously a senior psychologist at RMIT University Counselling Service and provided individual/group psychotherapy, coordinated the Provisionally Registered Psychologists on Placement (PRePPs) program, supervised staff and PRePPs in client directed/feedback informed psychotherapy, and coordinated the psychotherapy group program. In 2004, 2005, and 2008, RaeLynn was awarded the RMIT Student Service Group Staff Recognition for innovations in group counselling programming, development of the PRePPs training program, and supervision work with provisionally registered psychologists. Previously, in the U.S., she provided psychological services in university counselling centres, schools, metro/rural community mental health centres, a military hospital, and worked in assessment publication

At La Trobe University, RaeLynn is a Supervised Practicum Liaison Coordinator, Lecturer, and Research Supervisor in the Postgraduate Counselling Psychology Program. Her research interests are: feminism, social constructionism/postmodern therapies, eating and body image issues, client-directed/feedback informed treatment (FIT) & psychotherapy, single session therapy, psychologists in therapy, and supervision/training of psychologists. In addition to her academic position, she practices privately in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Research interests

Women's Health

- feminism, social constructionism, postmodern therapies, client-directed/outcome informed services

Teaching units

PSY5MPP Counselling Psychology Preparation for Practicum

PSY5MGC Group Counselling

Coordinate PSY5MPA, PSY5MPB, PSY5MPC, PSY6DIE, PSY6DIF (Practicum subjects)

PSY3PIN (2017, Sem 2)

Recent publications

Conference Presentations

Álvarez Wicklein, R. A., Bull, J., & White, J.  (2015). SuperVision with SuperWomen. Motherhood Conference of Australian Psychological Society Women and Psychology.

Álvarez Wicklein, R. A., Bull, J., Faga, L., Matjacic, E., Missiha, A.,& White, J. (2015). Psychologists as Mothers, Mothers as Psychologists. Motherhood Conference of Australian Psychological Society Women and Psychology.

Raad, S. & Álvarez Wicklein, R. (2015). Sexualisation of Australian Women. 2nd Australian Psychological Society Counselling Psychology Conference.

Álvarez Wicklein, R. A. (2009). Cause for consideration: Are women from another culture? Cultural case formulation for women. 20th Australian Psychological Society Women and Psychology Conference

Álvarez Wicklein, R. (2008). Trainees in Tertiary Counselling Services. Paper presented at  Victorian Tertiary Counsellors Conference.

Álvarez Wicklein, R. (2008). Recent findings on feminism, happiness, and discourse on women’s bodies. 18th Australian Psychological Society Women and Psychology Conference.

Álvarez Wicklein, R. (2005). Acculturation and internalization of beauty ideals among Mexican American women. Paper presented at 40th Australian Psychological Society Annual Conference.

Álvarez Wicklein, R. (2004). Latinas in the United States: Implications of cultural body image and attractiveness ideals. Doing Feminist Research in Psychology, APS Women and Psychology Interest Group Conference.

Álvarez, R., Cashion, L. Gerber, T., Garcia, T., & Wilson, M. (1998). The social construction of eating disorders. Paper presented at 24th Annual Conference of the Texas Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.