The Engaging Minds in Body Image and Eating Disorders (EMBodIED) Research team is a group of expert and skilled researchers whose work focuses on:

  • understanding the development of body image in children
  • uncovering risk factors for body dissatisfaction and eating disorders
  • evaluating prevention and treatment interventions for these problems.

We collectively work on cross-sectional, experimental, longitudinal and intervention research across the lifespan, with a focus on how body dissatisfaction and eating problems develop, and how treatment and education programs can be used to reduce or prevent them.

We also advocate for social change to improve policies and practices that:

  • are potentially damaging to children’s developing body image
  • encourage negative appearance-based stereotypes or weight-based stigma
  • promote health at every size and body positivity
  • support the development or maintenance of healthy eating patterns.

Please support our current change.org petition to remove ‘plastic surgery apps’ for children from iTunes.

Our team has strong links with other groups working in the field including:

If you’re interested in participating in our research, please see Current research.

If you are interested in visiting our research team, or enquiring about student research projects, please contact cb.cc@latrobe.edu.au or susan.paxton@latrobe.edu.au.

If you are interested in a PhD scholarship in this field, download this information pack [PDF 100KB] with details of how to apply.