Department of Psychology and Counselling


Melinda Holtkamp

Course of study:
Bachelor of Psychological Science

I wanted to do a course that was interesting and would keep me engaged in the material. I also wanted to be able to learn new skills and refine ones I already had. I really enjoy my tutorial classes, they allow us to experience an interactive learning environment and to get direct feedback from our teachers. Also staff and students are really friendly and helpful.

At the moment I am not sure about my career path. However I know that the interpersonal skills I have gained from this course will be able to help me regardless of what I may choose in the future.

Coming from a rural background, I love the fact that La Trobe gave me the option of applying to a regional campus so I didn’t have to move far from home.

Life at La Trobe Bendigo is great because you get the best of both worlds - large range of high quality teachers from all campuses via video link in the relaxed atmosphere of a regional town.

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