Tim Murray

Excavation and analysis of historic sites, especially in Urban settings; Preparation of heritage management plans; Liaison with clients and government organizations; Provision of advice on heritage matters, particularly in the areas of compliance and the mitigation of the impact of development; Publication of archaeological research; Development of research designs for archaeological research; Analysis of historical documents; Management of large archaeological databases
BA (Double Hons) Archaeology and History; PhD in archaeology
Previous clients:
Grocon; Museum of Victoria; RMIT; ISPT; Thiess John Holland; Powerhouse Museum (Sydney); NSW Heritage Council; Melbourne Parks and Water (Werribee Park), GML Pty Ltd;

Tim Murray has had an active career in heritage archaeology beginning as an undergraduate assistant in 1974, and assuming his first large-scale project management role in 1979. Over the past 35 years he has worked all over Australia in both prehistoric and historical archaeology, undertaking excavation and analysis projects, creating museums and public displays, and integrating management consultancies with undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in archaeological heritage management. This work has by recognized by the Business and Higher Education Roundtable on two occasions, the latter being through the development of Australia’s first heritage management training course specifically for indigenous people. Over the same period he has worked with others to create on-line and CD ROM based teaching kits for secondary school and junior undergraduate students of both historical and prehistoric archaeology. Of equal importance Tim has created opportunities for developers and heritage archaeologists to play a role in student training, and to embrace the significance of research beyond the bare minimum required to satisfy State and Federal legislation. Finally he has been able to develop research projects in the field of historical archaeology, in conjunction with both groups, that have made a significant contribution to our understanding of the archaeology of the modern city. Some specific examples follow: 1979 Heritage Council of N.S.W., Principal Investigator, Kurnell Peninsula, N.S.W. 1980 Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (Sydney, N.S.W.), Principal Investigator, restoration of Australia's first locomotive. 1989 Hobart (Tasmania) City Council, Mt Wellington Pipeline Track Heritage Survey, Stage 1. Hobart (Tasmania) City Council, Mt Wellington Pipeline Track Heritage Survey, Stage 2, and production of plan of management. 1999-2002 RMIT University, Archaeological investigation of the Old Melbourne Gaol Hospital. 2002 Parramatta City Council (NSW) revision of Archaeological Management Plan (with Godden, Mackay, Logan Pty Ltd). 2002-2005 Phase 2 Casselden Place, Melbourne, with Godden, Mackay, Logan Pty Ltd and Austral Archaeology Pty Ltd. 2005-2006 Excavation of the Bend Road site, Carrum, Victoria 2008 Excavation at the Ann Jones Inn, Glenrowan, Victoria. 2008-2009 Excavation at the Carlton United Brewery site, Melbourne. 2009-2010 Excavation at Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne 2013 Excavation at the Carlton United Brewery site, Melbourne.


T: 0400683193, E: t.murray@latrobe.edu.au

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