Marking criteria

During the competition each team will moot against other teams from different schools. The general rounds will be held at La Trobe University's Melbourne or Bendigo Campuses. At the end of the general rounds, the top four teams will be announced. The finals will be held in Melbourne with family, friends and teachers encouraged to attend.

The moots will be judged by an impartial legal academic or law student from the La Trobe Law School. The top four teams will moot in the semi-finals, with the top two teams competing again in the finals. This event will be judged by some distinguished members of the profession.


Professionalism and adherence to Court Protocols (10 marks)

Students demonstrated:

  • Capacity to address the court appropriately, with due recognition of court protocols
  • Respect for the judge and colleagues
  • Capacity to deliver oral citations correctly
  • Capacity to prepare arguments for delivery within stipulated timeframes
  • Capacity to handle questions from the bench.

Confidence, teamwork and persuasiveness (10 marks)

Students demonstrated the following:

  • Confidence in delivery
  • Ability to achieve an appropriate balance between reliance on notes and maintenance of eye contact
  • Persuasive delivery of arguments
  • Delivery of a unified presentation with appropriate balance of teamwork.

Arguments appropriately structured (10 marks)

Students demonstrated the following:

  • Arguments were organised in a logical progression
  • Arguments were appropriately prioritised
  • Arguments were appropriately introduced by senior counsel
  • Arguments were appropriately summarised by junior counsel.

Command of the law (10 marks)

Students demonstrated the following:

  • Ability to identify the applicable legislative and common law principles
  • Ability to distinguish unfavourable cases.

Research (10 marks)

Students demonstrated the following:

  • Capacity to recognise the issues which required research and identify cases which could be used or distinguished in support of their case.