2016 Mooting Competition winners

Each year the Law School invites Year 11 Legal Studies students to participate in the Mooting Competition.  La Trobe Law School has had outstanding success in national and international mooting competitions and we have a strong contingent of law staff experienced in criminal law.  The competition was launched in 2011 and is open to Year 11 legal studies students in Melbourne, Bendigo and surrounding areas.

Workshops prior to the competition assisted teachers and students to familiarise themselves with the moot problem, legal research techniques, legislation and cases.

All judges and attendees were impressed by the quality of the teams and wish to congratulate all schools that participated.

Congratulations to this year's winners:

Winning Team

Sirius College - Meadow Fair campus

Runner Up

St Monica's College

Top Four Finalists

Lalor Secondary College

Marcellin College

Sirius College – Meadow Fair campus

St Monica's College