Study pathways

The most common study pathway for undergraduate students who wish to pursue a career working in the outdoors is through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).

VTAC Applications open at the beginning of August and close towards the end of September. Visit the VTAC website for application information.

Selection Criteria

Year 12 applicants

Your ENTER score and course specific prerequisites and/or requirements are the major determining factors for applying from year 12.

Non year 12 applicants

If you have not completed year 12, have not completed further post secondary education (e.g. TAFE) and are under 21 years of age you are not eligible to apply for university entrance into an undergraduate degree, however you could enrol in some single subjects before enrolling in a degree. Enrolling and successfully completing two single units in outdoor or environmental education will provide an alternative pathway. Single units are available on a fee-paying basis only.

Completed year 12 more than 12 months ago

Students who completed year 12 more than one year ago may have their academic and work related history considered as part of their application. In this case, students are encouraged to complete a Supplementary Information Form (PDF 221KB) and forward it directly to the Faculty.

Postgraduate and Research

There are many opportunities for postgraduate and research degrees in the outdoor and environmental education field. Contact us either by phone or email to explore some of these possibilities. Refer to the Contact Us section of this site. You will be amazed with what is on offer.