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26 Sep 2016How social media can damage body image

Susan J Paxton and Siân McLean

23 Sep 2016 Policy versus populism

Kumuda Simpson

21 Sep 2016How do we 'handle' Pauline Hanson?

Gwenda Tavan

21 Sep 2016Opinion: Is HEPPP effective?

Andrew Harvey

21 Sep 2016Opinion: Botswana at 50

James Kirby

15 Sep 2016Opinion: marriage and religion

Timothy W. Jones

13 Sep 2016The push for same-sex marriage

Dennis Altman

31 Aug 2016Ice use and Indigenous Australians

Sarah J MacLean and Nicole Lee

18 Aug 2016Cheating in sport - how much do we know?

Catherine Ordway

15 Aug 2016A solution to our refugee crisis

by Robert Manne, Frank Brennan, Tim Costello and John Menadue

03 Aug 2016Young offenders need specialist care

by Pamela Snow, Head of La Trobe University Rural Health School

02 Aug 2016A new order of fungus named

Susan Lawler

29 Jul 2016Clinton win not that simple

Dennis Altman

26 Jul 2016Did sex drive mammal evolution?

Jenny Graves

13 Jul 2016Are our political parties past use-by?

Joseph Camilleri

27 Jun 2016Animal tales & new theory for Stonehenge

Lynne Kelly, Honorary Associate at La Trobe University

20 Jun 2016An ancient partnership revealed

Susan Lawler

17 Jun 2016Importance of William Barak’s Ceremony

Nikita Vanderbyl

01 Jun 2016Man Who Knew Infinity - a must see film

Dr Katherine Seaton, Associate Professor in Mathematics

25 May 2016Social exclusion of childless women

Zoë Krupka PhD Student, Faculty of Health Sciences, La Trobe University

24 May 2016Same-sex apology draws a line in sand

William Leonard and Anna Brown

24 May 2016Diversity and change strengthens family

Timothy W. Jones, senior lecturer in History

19 May 2016Schools and Hospitals cut by $80bn?

Peter Sivey and Buly Cardak

17 May 2016100 years since Sykes-Picot Agreement

Stephen Pascoe

04 May 2016Carpageddon: what you need to know

Susan Lawler

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