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12 Oct 2017Screen exposure and young children

La Trobe University Professor Pamela Snow, Bendigo

11 Oct 2017China and Communist Party Congress

Executive Director of La Trobe Asia and Professor of International Relations, Nick Bisley

11 Oct 2017Dove: real beauty and the racist history

La Trobe University ARC Future Fellow, Liz Conor

11 Oct 2017Regions need strong local campuses

Vice Chancellor Professor John Dewar

03 Oct 2017Straight from the athlete’s mouth

Dr Merryn Sherwood (Sports Journalism lecturer)

22 Sep 2017Greek myth, film and American anxiety

Honorary Associate Paul Salmond

21 Sep 2017Transgender teens and hormone treatment

Associate Professor Fiona Kelly

21 Sep 2017The legal benefits of being married

Hannah Robert and Associate Professor Fiona Kelly

19 Sep 2017Evidence's new battle with sentiment

Kate McIntosh

09 Sep 2017Turnbull must learn from Deakin

Judith Brett

08 Sep 2017The postal survey is bizarre and typical

Timothy W. Jones

08 Sep 2017Are children better off

Jennifer Power, Simon Crouch

11 Aug 2017People, palm oil, pulp and planet

Samantha Grover, Linda Sukamta, Robert Edis

02 Aug 2017Just do the weather

Lawrie Zion

31 Jul 2017Identity, politics and institutions

Dennis Altman

20 Jul 2017Teenage kid's relationship with alcohol

Jacqueline Bowden and Robin Room

20 Jul 2017Our changing relationship to the bush

Margaret Hickey

19 Jul 2017To the Bone: Harmful or helpful?

Joanna Doley and Susan J Paxton

17 Jul 2017Which native animals should we eat?

Jillian Garvey

14 Jul 2017What are ‘Creepshots’

Andrea Waling

14 Jul 2017What's making housing unaffordable?

Fiona McKenzie

02 Jun 2017Is it safe to express milk before birth?

Lisa Amir, Anita Moorhead, Della Forster & Susan Walker

23 May 2017Carnage at concert in Manchester

Tony Walker

18 May 2017China’s vision for globalisation

Benjamin Habib & Viktor Faulknor

18 May 2017White House scandals won't end soon

Kumuda Simpson

18 May 2017Study programs may no longer be free

Andrew Harvey, Anna Bennett & Seamus Fagan

15 May 2017Once upon a time in America

Robert Manne

10 May 2017Opinion: Budget 2017

Tony Walker

09 May 2017What happens next for journalists

Lawrie Zion, Merryn Sherwood, Tim Majoribanks, Andrew Dodd, Matthew Ricketson & Penny O'Donnell

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