LTU joins forces with regional tafes

LTU forges partnerships with regional tafes to expand career pathways

Floods and sinking pavements targeted

Out of the box investigations into pressing engineering problems

Saving Aussie honey bees - and farmers

PhD student plans to make Aussie bees the strongest in the world

Barriers to regional higher education

Why is life so tough for regional students? Here are four reasons.

What will reforms mean for Bendigo?

Forum on sweeping healthcare reforms to take place in Bendigo

Partnership aims to get people moving

Vichealth funds CSSI to research programs to get people off the couch

Is the next big idea a tram-ride away?

Next generation of thinkers to ride Bendigo's tramways, share ideas

Teaching chocolate history in Japan

La Trobe University historian Dr Emma Robertson teaches an intensive subject at Akita International University, Japan.

New architecture for regional higher-ed

Current policy prevents higher education development in regional areas

Engineering students experience China

Engineering study tour learns about large-scale development in Tianjin, China.

Plan to transform Bendigo campus

Key initiatives to be fast-tracked under plan to rejuvenate campus

La Trobe supports Bendigo diversity

La Trobe supports diversity and good guidance in Bendigo - Jane Long

Scoring goals for social inclusion

Students team up with Bendigo sports league to foster social inclusion

Educating engineers of the future

New undergraduate engineering course boosts job prospects for students

Pathways to the future

Higher education is key to keeping Bendigo region vibrant

Praise for engineering breakthrough

Trans-Tasman recognition for engineering students’ breakthrough

Regional students rewarded

Regional graduates encouraged to stay near while going far

Groundbreaking new theory for Stonehenge

Puzzling Stone Age relics ‘information technology’ of our ancestors

School students get into science

Program tackles steady decline in year 12 student numbers

Volunteers the focus for Aspire 2015

La Trobe partners with CFA, St John Ambulance & Duke of Ed for Aspire

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