Updated Library Search interface

Working with feedback from our usability studies with staff and students, an updated Library Search interface is now live. The updated version improves your search for information with the following enhancements:

  • New design concept providing cleaner results that gradually expose more information as needed
  • Intuitive features, more obvious and accessible icons and anticipation of possible next actions
  • Responsive displays across mobile and other devices
  • No need to access multiple tabs to locate information
  • Infinite scrolling instead of pagination
  • Easier, intuitive method of excluding facet choices
  • Ability to execute actions on some or all items such as sort and send in your E-shelf (My Favourites)
  • My Favourites (E-shelf) and 'Back to Top' buttons now float so they will always display at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Accessibility features and compliance

New features from the February release:

  • Personalise your results
  • Citation trails (Citations and Cited by features)
  • RSS feeds
  • Related search suggestions
  • Search history

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