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Nanotechnology is an emerging industry aiming to understand and exploit the science of the very small. Our courses are tailored to offer you a unique and specialised qualification in nanotechnology.

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Hannah Coughlan

Course of study:
Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Master of Nanotechnology

Currently completing a PhD with La Trobe University and the CSIRO.

When I was choosing my course I knew I wanted to study multiple areas of science, biochemistry, chemistry and physics. The double degree in science and nanotechnology offered at La Trobe has allowed me to pursue my love of these science disciplines.

The research opportunities in undergraduate years are a unique feature of the course and allowed me to become connected and involved with the area of research that I want to work in.

During my undergraduate years I was able to travel around the world for experiments, conferences and workshops. I took part in a two week study school at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand where I was able to study medicinal chemistry, and spend time with Thai students and learn about their culture. In my final year I experienced how research is conducted in another country and went to Northern Italy to perform an experiment at the ELETTRA Synchrotron.

The lecturers at La Trobe are always helpful and enthusiastic. The specialised nanotechnology subjects gave me experience in research and industry and the small class sizes allowed for a unique and personal experience.

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