Basin scale

Basin scale evaluation

As Monitoring and Evaluation Advisers, the MDFRC are undertaking a Basin scale evaluation of the contribution of Commonwealth environmental water to the environmental objectives of the Basin Plan.

Monitored outcomes at the Selected Areas will be compared to expected outcomes, to evaluate response. Over time, with increased data, models will be developed and used to predict ecological responses and measure the impact of Commonwealth environmental water across the Basin. The MDFRC will work with collaborators from the University of Melbourne, Monash University, University of Canberra, Griffith University and independent consultants to improve capacity to predict expected outcomes.

The MDFRC will report the outcomes of Commonwealth environmental watering at the Basin scale to the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office annually, as well as cumulatively, over a five year period. Importantly, these reports will capture the lessons learnt from the watering actions undertaken to ensure a cycle of continual improvement in the management of Commonwealth environmental water.

Basin matters

The Basin scale evaluation will be based on outcomes for six ecological indicators, derived from the Basin Plan objectives.  Collectively these indicators are referred to as Basin Matters and they are:

  • Hydrology: Flow regimes and connectivity
  • Ecosystem diversity
  • Vegetation diversity
  • River Metabolism
  • Fish populations
  • Generic diversity (e.g. frogs)