Darling Anabranch Adaptive Management Monitoring Program

Freshwater mussels, Darling Anabranch 2012

Full Title Darling Anabranch Adaptive Management Monitoring Program 2014 – 2017
Contact PersonLee Baumgartner
Funding BodyNSW Office of Environment and Heritage
Duration October 2014 – June 2017


This project is a continuation of the first phase of the Darling Anabranch Adaptive Management Monitoring Program (DAAMMP), which was established as a ten year monitoring program to provide information to help guide decisions on the management of environmental flows and as part of the conditions of consent for the construction of the anabranch pipeline.

The first four years of monitoring of the riparian vegetation community and aquatic habitat and fauna represents the first data collected for the Darling Anabranch. Preliminary findings indicated that the Darling Anabranch is a diverse and resilient system that is able to respond rapidly to changes in hydrological state.

The objective of the DAAMMP 2014–2017 is:

....to develop and implement an adaptive monitoring program to inform the management of environmental flows in the Darling Anabranch, as well as meet certain elements of the Approval Conditions for the stock and domestic pipeline.

The DAAMMP 2014–17, whilst continuing monitoring of the Darling Anabranch ecosystem, includes the development of a new monitoring program, based upon conceptual models and SMART objectives developed from our understanding of the system.

This second stage of the DAAMMP will take place in two phases. The first (planning) phase of this project will develop conceptual models and objectives through a series of workshops with a technical advisory group. The outcomes of the first phase will determine the second, monitoring phase.

Monitoring will take place within the three year project only in the case of flows being delivered to the Darling Anabranch (unless the first phase identifies a strong case for monitoring during a dry phase). Monitoring outcomes and the monitoring program will be reviewed annually to feed into the adaptive management.