Previous Events

The Department presents a series of regular colloquiums and seminars, engaging with universities and industry bodies around the world.

Wednesday 20 September 04:30pm

Optimization in the Darkness of Uncertainty: When you don't know what you don't know, and what you do know isn't much!

Friday 26 May 12:00pm

Starting with a stable subordinator, the sequence of ordered jumps up till time 1, omitting the r largest of them, and taken as proportions of their sum defines a 2-parameter distribution on the infinite dimensional simplex.

Friday 12 May 12:00pm

Wearable sensor data acquisition and computing has the potential to be a revolution in public health, for they provide much more accurate measurement across period of time.

Friday 21 April 12:00pm

Joint work with Antoine Deleforge, Radu Horaud and Emeline Perthame.

Friday 24 March 12:00pm

Statistics colloquium

Friday 17 March 12:00pm

General Semi-Markovian Modelling of Limit Order Books

Thursday 16 March 12:00pm

Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithms, such as the Metropolis Algorithm and the Gibbs Sampler, are extremely useful and popular for approximately sampling from complicated probability distributions through repeated randomness. This talk will use simple graphical simulations to explain how these algorithms work, and why they are so useful.