Simon Finn Beyond the Frustum



20 July - 23 September

Simon Finn’s Beyond the Frustum is a exploration into the variable syntheses between artist, environment and technology. Finn’s artworks use the spatial and temporal capabilities of virtual representations as subject matter for drawing, animation and sculpture. The new work is a continued line of inquiry into depictions of duration that merge into the static, which has taken its basis from Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Deluge’ series.

The current body of work’s motif is of an observation tower and the simulated natural force depicted in moments of contact and devastation. The observation tower is symbolic of power, oppression and structural fragility and constructs developed to witness past and future events. The Tower has begun to move from the virtual into the ‘real’ world with its first installment in Indonesia (West Java) in late 2015. The latest tower destined for LUMA will take form with digital modeling, rendering and physics computation in order to freeze single moments before extrapolating them into intricate charcoal and ink drawings, animation and synthetic sculptures. Finn’s 2016 exhibitions are further play somewhere within the duality of tangible and fabricated imagery.