Trendall Collection of Antiquities

A D (Dale) Trendall was one of the greatest historians of Greek art of the twentieth century. He was the world authority on the red-figured vases produced in the Greek colonies and native towns of South Italy and Sicily during the Classical period (5th and 4th centuries).

The Trendall Collection of Antiquities includes fine examples of complete vessels, fragments and objects reflective of Professor Trendall’s research interests.

Professor Trendall believed that Australian scholars had made, and could continue to make a significant contribution to our knowledge of the colonial Greeks in South Italy. To this end, he bequeathed, in addition to the antiquities, his vast archive of over 40,000 photographs of South Italian red-figure vases and his extraordinary personal library of books and journals on Classical civilisation. This donation formed the basis of the A.D. Trendall Research Centre.

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