Grants: LTU Institutional endorsement letter template (LTU led project)

Version 1.0, October 2014

LTU Institutional endorsement letter template (LTU led project) [DOCX 55KB]
LTU Institutional endorsement letter template (LTU led project) [PDF 128KB]

Letter template


Di Weddell
General Manager
Office for Learning and Teaching
Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Resources and Tertiary Education
Level 10, 255 Elizabeth StreetSYDNEY  NSW  2000

Dear Ms Weddell,


Grant Scheme:    (ADD)

Project Title:        (ADD)

I am pleased to endorse the above-mentioned project for the 2014 Office of Learning and Teaching (ADD grant category) Grants. (ADD name of institution) is a partner in this grant. The lead institution is La Trobe University. (ADD list of names of those involved in the project in your institution) from the Faculty of (ADD) at the (ADD name of institution) will act as a team member (change to plural if more than one participant) on this project.

  • One sentence about the overall aim of the project if funded, what it will investigate/do/offer
  • One sentence about the lead/partner institutions.
  • One sentence elaborating on the outcomes/outputs of the project and why these matter.
  • One sentence about how the project fits within the University's aims and priorities (but paraphrased/condensed, not cited in full).

(ADD name of institution) strongly supports this application and the time commitment of the project leader and team members involved and endorse it for your consideration.

I certify that:

  • if the application is successful (ADD name of institution) agrees to abide by the terms of the funding agreement;
  • (ADD name of institution) will notify the OLT if there are any changes in the project team member's circumstances that may impact on their eligibility to participate in, or perform, the project subsequent to the submission of this proposal.


Deputy Vice-Chancellor

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