Blended and online learning curriculum design toolkit

Version 4.0, September 2014

Blended and online learning toolkit [PDF 1.12MB]

Blended and Online Learning in the context of Future Ready

La Trobe's Strategic Plan, Future Ready 2013-2017 states:

"The student experience will be redefined through a 'Radical Learning Project' which will reimagine teaching and learning at La Trobe by drawing on rich educational technologies and external partners. There will be increased use of technology-enabled online learning, drawing on the rich resource of online educational resources relevant to student learning, blended with more traditional face-to-face delivery" (p.4).

Future Ready has a target specifically relating to blended learning, to:

Increase the number of subjects offered by the University in blended mode with at least 60% of subjects in blended mode by [2017] (p.7).

This target is defined by 60% of the total number of students enrolled in subjects including a substantial component of online learning.

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide a set of resources for the design or redesign of a course and/or subject to embed flexible, online or blended learning activities or assessments.

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