Blended learning activity 2: Locating real world examples


In many blended subjects, lecturers provide subject content in a variety of formats in the LMS (e.g. short narrated PowerPoint videos, key readings, animated videos, podcasts). While these materials may be engaging, learning remains passive if students are not required to complete activities related to this content. Blended learning activities bridge the gap between the online and face-to-face environments.

Why do this activity?

Encourages application
Students often find it difficult to apply conceptual or theoretical knowledge to new situations.

Makes learning relevant
Students often fail to see the relevance of what they are learning, particularly its real-world relevance.

How do I do this activity?

Before class
Students work through the weekly materials and activities on LMS. They choose one principle or issue that was raised in the weekly material and find a real world, current example that they can bring to the following face-to-face class. This could be a news article, blog post, YouTube clip etc. 

A controversial example would be ideal. For example, if the topic is 'patient advocacy', students could locate a news article where patient advocacy was breached. If the topic is the rule of law, students could find plenty of examples of how this is currently threatened in Australia.

During F2F class
Students bring their example to class and in small groups, briefly explain how the example demonstrates the principle/issue from the weekly topic. Questions from the group members and further discussion are invited. Ideally, the real world examples would relate to an assessment task in the subject.