Blended learning: Flipping the classroom

The 'flipped classroom' or 'flipped curriculum' is a blended learning pedagogical model. Learners are required to independently learn lecture content and review resources prior to attendance on-campus. At University, tutorial, lab or workshop time is applying and practising skills and competencies relating to the lecture content.

Any subject relying on lecture delivery can incorporate the flipped model into their delivery. Lectures can be replaced by videos (up to 7-15 minutes), online quizzes or learning activities, podcasts etc).

Flipped classrooms can promote student engagement, active learning, the application of skills and competencies and active learning. "Devoting class time to the application of concepts might give instructors a better opportunity to detect errors in thinking".(EDUCAUSE, 2012). As the success of the flipped classroom is dependent on students independently learning content prior to attendance, careful design is required to ensure this happens.

Video created by the Hot Team at Penn State University.

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