Report shows Australian degrees boost chances of employment (Issue 2, 2013)


Chinese and South Korean graduates with an Australian degree enjoy a much higher rate of employment on return to their home country according to a recent survey. It demonstrates that Australian qualifications are highly valued by employers.

In January this year, the Australian Education International (AEI) surveyed 495 Australian-educated graduates in China and found that 82 per cent were employed. Only 12 per cent were unemployed and seeking work, compared with the overall graduate unemployment rate of 22 per cent.

The AEI study also found 3 per cent of Chinese graduates from Australia were undertaking further study, while another 3 per cent were neither studying nor seeking work.

A similar survey of 300 South Korean graduates educated in Australia found 91 per cent were working, with only 2 per cent unemployed and seeking work.

Of the Chinese employers surveyed, 93 per cent recommended recruiting Australian graduates and the average starting salary for overseas graduates was double that of local graduates.

About 87 per cent of surveyed employers in China expected skill shortages in the near future and 68 per cent said they were expecting to increase their recruitment of international graduates. Areas identified as at risk for skills shortages included business, engineering and science.

Chinese employers said they liked Australian-educated graduates for their international perspective and ability to communicate with clients.

In South Korea, 79 per cent of employers would recommend hiring Australian-educated graduates; with 92 per cent satisfied with the graduates who had been educated in Australia.

About half of South Korean employers expected skill shortages and anticipated an increase in international graduate hiring.