Wellness, wellness everywhere! (Issue 20, 2011)

Wellness Week

Wellness WeekWellness Week has been celebrated at La Trobe University in a spectacular fashion! On October 10 and 11 the Melbourne campus came alive with activities, games, music, prizes, exercise, giveaways and dance shows, all in support of the Mental Health Foundation of Australia (Victoria).

La Trobe International sponsored Wellness Week and activities took place in the Agora to promote positive living and well being, healthy eating, diet, exercise, and lifestyle. A range of activities were organised for staff and students to get active, have fun and learn about resources and supports available to them in maintaining a positive wellbeing and healthy lifestyle.

There were free head, neck and shoulder massages, free Zumba and yoga classes, an amazing hip hop dance display by the Indigenous Beyond Blue hip hop dancers, free healthy lunch boxes for students, recipe cards for students on nutritious and cheap meals to keep their minds and bodies active and healthy, plus silly games, prizes and more.

International Student Services Coordinator and organiser of this event, Joanna Shaw, said this type of event is extremely important to raise awareness about health and services available to students.

‘Wellness Week was aimed at promoting positive wellbeing for all students, to encourage good living, healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise. These are all important in order to study well and get the most out of life. It’s important to remind ourselves to look after our bodies and each other and to take care.’

La Trobe University offers many support services to international students to ensure their lives here are healthy and happy. These include:

  • ISAN
    The International Student Advisory Network is a University wide group that looks at issues affecting international students.
  • Academic expectations and assistance
    University expectations with regards to plagiarism, lectures, tutorials and assessment, and definitions of common study-related terms.
  • Religious information for students
    Information on the religious services available on and around campus.
  • Career support
    Information on the services available to students looking for employment, and things to consider when looking for a job in your home country.
  • Welcome Festival Orientation
    La Trobe University’s official Orientation and Welcome to its newly arrived international students. A week full of information, interaction and fun. 
  • Weekend Break Program
    Students from any campus can spend a weekend with host families recruited from another La Trobe campus.
  • Weekend and Day Trips
    La Trobe International can link you to a series of fun and inexpensive social activities run during the first month of each semester.
  • Language and Cultural Exchange (LACE)
    International students are matched with those from Australia and other countries to share each other’s cultures, customs, food, music and more.
  • Ready Set Go!
    Workshops catered specifically for international students who are completing their studies.

Plus many more, to find out more about what La Trobe University can offer you, visit latrobe.edu.au/international.