La Trobe students (Issue 43, 2010)


One of the lipdub participants in costume

La Trobe has become the first university in Australia to produce a single-shot lip-synching video known as a ‘lipdub’. The lipdub was produced by the University's Student Guild, through the Theatre and Film Office.

La Trobe’s Student Theatre and Film in association with screen production company, Suitcase Murphy, gathered 109 students and staff to adlib and dance to ‘Learnalilgivinanlovin’ by ARIA award winning artist, Gotye. The song was re-mastered as an extended version for this particular occasion.

The rules of University Lipdub are simple: choose a catchy song, get lots of students involved, at least one professor or academic staff member, don’t use a single cut – the film must be shot in a single take on campus – and have heaps of fun!

La Trobe local and international students all worked together for one intense day of filming. The single-shot method, one of the defining features of a lipdub, was executed perfectly, making the end result appear as one spontaneous endeavour.

Swing dancers, girls in bikinis, drum soloists and green painted men all synchronised in order to demonstrate the original theme of the video, the history of La Trobe –  from its birth in the mid-60’s, to its politically active 70’s through to the colourful present.

The first University Lipdub was made by Furtwangen University in Germany in June 2008 as a way of promoting campus life. This became the start of the project which has now attracted more than 50 responses from universities worldwide.

La Trobe lipdub is the only lipdub in which every participant is in costume, with students from India, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia, Sweden and Australia, dressed in extravagant outfits.

The four-minute celebration of extra-curricular activities at La Trobe was launched on 14 October and is now being broadcast on Facebook and YouTube.