India Celebration Week (Issue 29, 2010)


Traditional dancer during India week

Last week La Trobe University was the host of India Celebration Week, an amazing display of the Indian culture. The initiative was organised as an inspiration for La Trobe students to take up exchanges in India and to get a glimpse of the beauty and diversity of culture they could encounter there.

‘Our goal is to display the tremendous vibrancy of India’s extraordinary culture and to encourage La Trobe students to consider studying at three Indian universities where we have an ongoing relationship,’ said Deputy Vice-Chancellor International and Future Students, Professor John Rosenberg.

The La Trobe Abroad team organised a variety of activities and events to take place during the week. The celebrations began with an amazing Flash Mob in the Agora taking everyone by surprise. Onlookers were amazed when an Indian tune started playing from speakers located in every corner of the Agora and one by one around 70 students and staff joined in an Indian style choreographed dance.

The week continued with a celebration of Indian hawker style street food, henna painting, a regional performance with typical Punjabi dancers, Indian films at the Agora cinema and other captivating Indian performances, such as drumming and dancing.

‘These festivities, while being fun in themselves will also highlight just some of the amazing talents of our Indian community of more than a 1000 students’ said Professor Rosenberg.

The week was a great success and it demonstrated the beauty of Indian culture as well as the ability and the eagerness of La Trobe students to embrace and participate in other cultures’ manifestations.

Keep a look out on our La Trobe YouTube page to check out the Flash Mob dance and go behind the scenes with the 'making of'.