2011 Australian Football International Cup (Issue 13, 2011)

AFL_InternationalAustralian Rules Football (AFL) is a sport like no other – it is the fastest game on Earth, the most popular sport in the whole of Australia, and is played in over fifty countries. It is a quintessential part of Australia’s culture and from June to August this year, players (including international students from Victoria) will be battling each other to win the 2011 Australian Football International Cup.

The 2008 AFL International Cup was the most successful Australian Football tournament of its kind with over 700 international players and officials, representing sixteen countries (plus multicultural challenge teams, Asia, Africa and Tonga). The teams raised over $2.5 million to make the trek Down Under to compete in the competition and experience the raw emotion and beauty of the greatest game in the world.

The teams that participated in the 2008 competition included:

  • Canada Northwind
  • China Red Demons
  • Denmark Vikings
  • Finland Icebreakers
  • Great Britain Bulldogs
  • India Tigers
  • Ireland Warriors
  • Japan Samarais
  • Nauru Chiefs
  • New Zealand Falcons
  • Papua New Guinea Mosquitoes 
  • Peace Team (Palestine and Israel)
  • Samoan Kangaroos
  • South Africa Lions
  • Swedish Elks
  • USA Revolution

The 2011 Australian Football International Cup will be played from 12 August to 27 August, and is guaranteed to be an exciting event that will have all spectators on the edge of their seats. For more information on Australia’s favourite game, visit the AFL website.

La Trobe University Football Club also encourages people to join their team. No matter your level of experience or understanding, it is a great way to get fit, make friends and enjoy Australia’s favourite sport. Learn how to join here.