African Time (Issue 31, 2010)

Originally born in Botswana, Africa, Kagiso Booysen was educated in Australia, travelled around Asia and explored life in the UK. Her multicultural lifestyle is one of the influences in her writing, where characters are sometimes tourists undertaking life-changing journeys.

In February 2010, Kagiso’s second book, African Time, was published by XLibris in London. The book is a collection of short stories based on true events, all set in Africa, where rich culture and fun people intermingle with captivated tourists and guests. Her first book, Memories of my father, was a successful account of the time she spent with her father, with whom she had a strong connection. Talented in many areas, Kagiso also produced a 45 minutes documentary, Vision Tracks, about the true life story of a man travelling in search of God.

Kagiso was sponsored by the Botswana Government to study at La Trobe University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in media studies in 2001. Falling in love with the place and wanting to further her studies, she decided to stay on for another year to finish a Postgraduate Diploma in Media Studies.

‘I have always liked writing, but I was thrilled to see my studies at La Trobe added more value to my writing skills. During my Postgraduate Diploma, I conducted a little thesis titled The audience of soap operas. It was during this period that I learned more about writing skills and I put all my efforts in both my academic and non-academic writing skills,’ says Kagiso.

Currently undertaking her Master in International Business Management at Gloucestershire University in London, Kagiso dreams to return to La Trobe for her PhD.

‘La Trobe is like my second home. I came to visit in July 2008 and it was like coming home: walking down the lawns and going around the Agora took my breath away. La Trobe has a pleasant friendly environment and this is enhanced by friendly lecturers, clean campus and friendly ambitious students,’ explains the writer.

La Trobe offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate media studies degrees, as well as arts degrees with a major in media studies. See Coursefinder for more information.