We are now the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (Issue 1, 2012)

Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Faculty of Business, Economics and LawThe Faculty of Law and Management has recently received approval to become the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law.

The Faculty’s current six schools are to be adapted into three schools – the La Trobe Business School (formerly Graduate School of Management), La Trobe Law School and the School of Economics.

Professor Leigh Drake, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law says; ‘We are redesigning our programs from the bottom up as well as planning some exciting infrastructure projects with the aim of being recognised as a top provider of business and management courses.’

Professor Drake placed emphasis on the goals and advantages of this restructure project.

‘Through better internal alignment of expertise and stronger external engagement La Trobe will be in a much stronger position to provide quality courses in business, economics and law.’

These changes will be beneficial to all students and graduates, academics, staff and external partners as they will help position La Trobe as a leader in education for business and the professions.

The restructure will also improve the efficiency of the Faculty through better alignment of administration and course delivery across the schools and regions. With clearer departmental structures, the Faculty’s research culture and learning environment will improve, leading to an enhanced reputation and profile.

The Faculty restructure takes effect from 3 January 2012.