Exchange scholarships (Issue 31, 2010)


Three of the Bendigo scholarship winners: Kellie Curtis, Mitchell Stroicz and Stephanie McWilliam

Twenty lucky local students have just been selected to receive exchange scholarships for 2010.

As a pioneering member of the International Network of Universities (INU), La Trobe is offering Targeted Undergraduate Travelling Scholarships to selected Australian students, giving them the chance to study overseas for a semester at one of the Network partner universities. The scholarships cover return economy airfares and generous assistance towards accommodation and living costs and it is available only for Australian students.

Eighteen undergraduate students will be going to six partner universities in the United States, Sweden, Japan, Italy, United Kingdom and Korea. Two other students have received Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) scholarships, combined with mobility grants, coming up to a total of A$8000.

Psychology student Mitchell Stroicz from the Bendigo campus looks forward to the opportunity to study at Ritsumeikan University in Japan.

‘Over my time in psychology, I have become increasingly interested in the area of cross-cultural psychology. So when the offer of exchange came up, I couldn’t think of a better opportunity to get some great first-hand experience. I think that being able to study in such a unique environment will help me develop skills like independent thinking, organisation, self-management and coping with change. Plus, given that experience is very important in psychology, being able to study Japanese units and interact with Japanese people will really play a meaningful part in my understandings and interactions across my career. Aside from my fascination with the culture, language and history of Japan, I couldn’t think of a country that is so radically different from Australia to study in,’ says Mitchell.

Stephanie McWilliam, one of the DEEWR scholarships recipients, will be going to Korea to Hallym University for a semester’s exchange in education.

‘Going on an exchange will provide me with the opportunities to study slightly different subjects under different teachers with different resources. I think it will teach me to be more flexible and also more diligent with my work. While in Korea I will be an international student. It will be interesting to see the types of challenges I will face in learning in another language as well as living in another culture. I think it will make me appreciate more what the international students at my home campus experience.  I will also be learning about another culture, and I believe that gives you more of an appreciation for diversity and even your own culture. All of these experiences will help me when I start teaching,’ explains Stephanie.

For information on exchange opportunities, as well as grants, scholarships and costs for local and international students, visit our exchange pages.