Libyan delegation (Issue 32, 2010)


Libyan delegates with La Trobe International College's Student Adviser Fouad Dirgham and Director Martin
Van Run

Two members of the Libyan’s People Bureau in Canberra visited the University last month to meet with La Trobe staff and Libyan students at La Trobe.

Dr Abdullah Ben Fadel, Charge d’Affaires, and Dr Omran Zwed, Counsellor Cultural Affairs at the Libyan People’s Bureau, were welcomed by Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor John Rosenberg and Mr Leon Lyell, Executive Manager, International Relations at La Trobe University.

Dr Zwed and Dr Fadel were both interested in the processes the University has in place to help students settle in and the English classes many need to undertake at the La Trobe International College before starting their degree. Professor Rosenberg clarified that the amount of English classes undertaken by Libyan students depends on their level of English to begin with and it can vary from student to student.

Professor Rosenberg commented on the possibility for research collaboration between the University and the Libyan government, with La Trobe securing 13 per cent of all research funding given to Victorian Universities.

During their visit, the delegation met with five Libyan students undertaking La Trobe University degrees and visited the Muslim prayer facilities and the inner Melbourne campus.

The delegation members expressed their satisfaction with previous collaborations with the University and expect that they will continue in the future.

‘We are happy to support the relationship with La Trobe University in order to give students the opportunity to experience another culture,’ said Dr Fadel.

In their meeting, Professor Rosenberg and the visitors also discussed the arrival of students at least two weeks before the commencement of the semester, which will provide them with some time to settle in before they start classes.

The day concluded with a short visit at the Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering, followed by a stop at the La Trobe International College, where the Libyan guests witnessed the student interaction that takes place on campus and that is such an important part of the study experience.