Ideal partnership (Issue 10, 2009)


Graduation ceremony in Vietnam

La Trobe University recently organised the graduation ceremony for its latest business graduates at Hanoi University. Students from three programs attended their graduation in two ceremonies: 32 students from Diploma of Business Administration, 41 from Bachelor of Business and 106 from Master of Business Administration.

La Trobe University has had a formal agreement with Hanoi University (HANU) since 2002, when La Trobe has started offering its courses to students in Vietnam through HANU.

‘Hanoi University is a leading university in Vietnam and the first university to offer business degree courses in English. That made it an attractive proposition for a partnership relationship,’ says Professor Raymond Harbridge, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Management.

The two universities have a strong relationship, with almost 450 students enrolled in 2008 in three programs and several Hanoi University staff currently enrolled with the La Trobe International College in a short ELICOS program. For the Master of Business Administration, 10 out of 16 units are taught in-country by the Graduate School of Management based academic staff.

Many of the graduates have achieved great career outcomes and based on their successes, one might expect many more entrepreneurs and successful business people emerging from this growing band of HANU and La Trobe students.