Centre closer to reality (Issue 12, 2009)


La Trobe students in the biochemistry lab

La Trobe University has recently started construction on the $230 million Biosciences Research Centre, due to open in 2012. The Centre recently received important funding from the Federal Government, which is an indication of how highly the La Trobe research facilities and scientists are regarded.

The completion of the Biosciences Research Centre will further enhance La Trobe with one of Australia's leading research facilities, providing a major boost for agriculture, bioscience and biotechnology research. The centre will create 390 new jobs while injecting about $690 million into the Victorian economy.

‘The real benefit of this centre is that its new infrastructure and new equipment are going to bring teams together who work the science spectrum right from the very basic research through to the applied research that can be used directly in the field to encourage agriculture,’ says Professor Annabelle Duncan, Executive Director of the Centre.

Plenary Research consortium's successful bid means that construction will begin five months ahead of schedule. This is one of the first projects contracted using the Partnerships Victoria model following the onset of the global financial crisis, and is designed to strengthen Victoria's economy.

‘La Trobe is undergoing rapid change, we are growing and we are evolving. Scientific research is becoming an increasingly important a part of the portfolio of subjects we offer to our students and I have no doubt that the research that will be done here will contribute to the health of Victoria and Australia’s agricultural bioscience sector for decades to come,' says Vice-Chancellor Paul Johnson.