Big FAT Ideas (Issue 19, 2011)

Big FAT Ideas

Big FAT IdeasThe Media and Communications Unit of La Trobe University invited staff to attend the filming of the pilot episodes of La Trobe’s Big FAT Ideas program on Friday 16 September.

Big FAT Ideas was similar in format and intent to the online TED talks. Each talk presented a new and innovative idea generated by La Trobe staff and challenged the audience to think differently about an issue.

The pilot episodes tackle new ideas in commerce, the environment, social equity, terrorism, urban planning and psychological health.

These focused, ambitious and transformative talks complement La Trobe’s other online resources such as video news releases and podcasts.

They offer cross-disciplinary value-adding experiences for our students who were welcomed to attend the live presentations and can of course view them online via YouTube, iTunesU or the La Trobe website.

The topics and speakers were:

  • Fishy ethics: Why we need to eat less fish by Dr Susan Lawler (Environmental Management and Ecology
  • Education and the war on youth by Professor Lorraine Ling (Executive Dean – Education)
  • Sin taxes: A low blow to the poor by Dr Wayne Geerling (Lecturer in Economics)
  • Cities are still new frontiers by Trevor Budge (Associate Professor – Community Planning and Development)
  • People, pets and positive psychology by Dr Pauleen Bennett (Psychological Science)
  • Are our Western accounting standards to blame for terrorism? by Ken McPhail (Chair in Accounting)
  • Mobile phones to connect refugee women by Dennis Wollersheim (Lecturer, School of Public Health and Human Biosciences)