Advancing auto technology in China (Issue 1, 2011)


Professor Tim Brown, Professor Fang Shouen, Vice President of Tongji University, Minister Jacinta Allan and Dr Matthew Cuthbertson, CEO of the AutoCRC

In May 2010, La Trobe University and the Australian AutoCRC signed a A$260 000 agreement for research and training in advanced automotive technology and transport engineering with two of China's leading universities – Tongji University in Shanghai and Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Tim Brown, says Intelligent Transport Systems are a high priority world wide. Estimates are that by 2015 these systems could lead to cost savings of more than 40 per cent by reducing accidents and travel time. They will also cut emissions and fuel and vehicle operating costs.

‘These two agreements are also the first step in plans for closer research collaboration with Australian and Chinese universities and automotive companies. The Chinese automotive industry is expanding rapidly and seeking new technology to underpin its growth and boost exports for its products,’ says Professor Brown.

La Trobe technology was recently chosen for the 'smart' management system of Australia's first Zero Emission House, north of Melbourne. La Trobe University's Centre for Technology Infusion is also helping build one of the smallest, most advanced radio receiver microchips, a contender for inclusion in the world's largest radio telescope – the $1.8billion SKA project. See the Winter 2010 Bulletin for more information on this project.