La Trobe’s Living Landscapes at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

You draw one, We will plant one

La Trobe’s Living Landscapes allows gallery visitors to use their artistic talents to help protect a vital wildlife habitat. A unique experience connected to the NGV’s exhibition of arguably one of the world’s most influential living artists, David Hockney: Current,

Inspired by Hockney’s passion for the environment, landscapes and innovative technology Living Landscapes invites people to create a plant on an iPad using Hockney-style colours and brush strokes. Then using augmented reality they scan their iPad over a scale replica of the University’s 30-hectare Wildlife Sanctuary and digitally “plant” their creation amid an evolving virtual reality forest that grows as more drawings are added.

For each of the virtual plants created, one will be planted in reality at La Trobe’s Wildlife Sanctuary, a vital outdoor laboratory for students, researchers and the community. Set on 30-hectares within 16kms of Melbourne’s CBD at our Bundoora campus, the sanctuary is home to over 250 native plants and a range of wildlife that includes eastern grey kangaroos, echidnas, emus and possums.

You can experience Living Landscapes for a limited time at NGV Friday Nights and only with La Trobe University. You can see the online gallery of the virtual forests here.

The Learning Partner behind the NGV

La Trobe’s partnership with the NGV is focussed on bringing inspirational exhibitions to the community and providing understanding of the themes and stories of the artists. Since 2013 the University has provided our academic experts to support the exhibitions Melbourne Now (2013/2014), Jean Paul Gaultier (2014/2015), Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei (2015/2016) and now David Hockney: Current (2016/2017).

As a university that aspires to 'be the difference', we love bold ideas that push the boundaries and tackle the big issues of our time, and we believe that the arts are the perfect platform for exploring social, cultural and political themes. We recognised these values in the NGV, and have partnered with Australia’s leading gallery to provide our students with unique industry experiences and connections. In addition, each year we create innovative technology to enhance the gallery visitor’s experience and demonstrates La Trobe’s expertise across many disciplines.

La Trobe Summer School – learning within exhibitions

Our students have access to the only university-accredited Art subject that is conducted within the NGV’s exhibitions. The La Trobe Summer School is in a unique classroom environment that delivers industry experience and connections.

The Summer School provides an object-based learning environment, where students conceive those objects as both works of art but also within the physicality of the gallery environment. Classes are delivered by; the NGV’s curators, conservationists, exhibition designers and education officers in collaboration with La Trobe’s academic experts from across a range of disciplines and artists.

The subject is designed each year to align with the NGV’s major summer exhibition. In 2017, our students had the opportunity to study more than 600 works from one of the world’s most influential living artists, David Hockney.

This summer school is purposefully multi-disciplinary and attracts students from across the University.

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