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Submitting a thesis

We do not accept direct submission of theses. They must be submitted through the Graduate Research School. Read more detailed information about thesis submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the library do with the electronic theses that graduate researchers are required to submit? 

When theses are received from the Graduate Research School they are included in the La Trobe University Research Repository.  From there they will be made publicly accessible on the internet unless prior approval has been received through the Graduate Research School to restrict access for a specified period of time.

Can I submit a thesis directly to the library for inclusion in La Trobe University Research Repository? 

No.  Theses may only be accepted by the library from the Graduate Research School through the usual thesis submission process.

Where should queries from thesis authors about removing their own theses from public access in La Trobe University Research Repository be directed? 

Refer to the Graduate Research School.

Does the library supply external parties, particularly publishers, with contact details for candidates whose theses are included in La Trobe University Research Repository? 

No.  We have heard of cases where unscrupulous publishers (otherwise known as "predatory publishers") have somehow found email addresses for candidates whose theses are in the Research Repository and who have approached the candidates seeking their agreement to "publish" their theses, telling them that the library has supplied them with contact details.  The library never supplies publishers with contact details for graduate research candidates. Such a claim made by a publisher should be a great cause for concern if considering signing over your thesis for publication.

If I have been approached by a publisher to have my thesis published. Should I apply to have my thesis removed from open access in La Trobe University Research Repository? 

There is a growing number of "predatory publishers" who are groups looking for authors (particularly thesis authors) agreeing to publish their material with them, while not informing the authors that their "publishing" work will be very far removed from the usual academic publishing process. The end result will be a work that does not have academic credibility because of the lack of scholarly editing and because of the association with a publisher that does not have academic credibility. These published thesis has simply been put up for sale in the cheapest possible way in order to achieve the greatest profit margin on whatever few sales it might happen to achieve, while requiring the thesis author to sign away rights over the thesis.  Check out the publisher carefully before signing any agreements, particularly checking whether it is an identified "predatory publisher". If it seems to be a reputable publisher then look at what is required from the publisher regarding the thesis being in an open access repository.  Many reputable publishers will not be concerned about the thesis remaining in an open access repository because your thesis will be changed greatly in the course of being edited and prepared for publication.

Does the library accept hardcopies of theses? 

No. Neither will hardcopies be accepted as donations.

What is an open access repository and what are my rights as an author?

Read more about the La Trobe University Research Repository

Where should queries about theses in the Research Repository (especially when they seem to be slow in appearing) be directed?

Contact Research Online staff.

Copyright and your thesis

Copyright does not apply to ideas or information, only to how they are expressed in a material form (e.g. written as text or recorded as sound or images). Copyright refers to the expression of ideas or information in an original artistic, literary, dramatic or musical work, a cinematographic film, a radio or television broadcast or a sound recording. It applies automatically as soon as the work is created so in Australia, there is no need to register the work for copyright to apply. Copyright applies to both print and electronic material as well as unpublished works

Once your thesis is written it will be protected by copyright. Copyright will also apply to any drafts of your thesis. You will own the copyright in your thesis, unless there is an agreement in place that specifies otherwise.

As the copyright owner, you will have exclusive rights to:

  • Reproduce your thesis in any format,
  • Publish your thesis,
  • Communicate your thesis, this means to make it available online, or email or fax it to someone,
  • Perform your thesis in public,
  • Adapt your thesis.

If anyone else wants to do any of these things, they will need your permission.

Your submitted thesis which will be made available online through the La Trobe University Institutional Research Repository will be available to the public, including the world-wide research and scholarly community.

If your thesis includes third party copyright material, you must seek permission from the copyright owner to include this type of material in your submitted thesis.

Assistance and advice about permissions and the use of copyrighted works can be obtained directly from the University Copyright Officer.

More detailed information is available in copyright in a thesis.