Library essentials for new students

What you need first

  1. Your student card so you can borrow and use other library services.
  2. Your username and password. Use these to:
  3. Register your student card so you can print and photocopy in the library.

What to do next...

Find out what's where

Drop in to your campus library and take a tour during Orientation Week or the first weeks of semester. It'll help you find study spaces, help desks, printers, copiers and other services and resources.

Attend a starter class

The University Library has millions of scholarly information resources, many of which are licensed and online. Attend a library starter class so you know how to find what you need (tip: it's not all on Google).

Bookmark library guides and tools

Library resources guides (LibGuides) are a quick way to find the key information resources for your subject or course. Referencing and study planning tools will also save you lots of time.

Ask us when you need help

Library staff are here to help you find the scholarly information you need for your studies, and develop your learning and research skills. Please don't hesitate to ask us if you need help.