Fines for overdue loans

You will get a fine if you do not return an item by the due date during library service hours or if you lose or damage an item (not applicable in Shepparton). Items returned outside of library service hours will not be taken off your record until the next working day.

Type of itemRate of fines
14 and 28 day loans20 cents per day
3 and 7 day loans$1.00 per day
Reserve collections and 24 hour loans$2.50 for any time up to the first hour
$1.00 then for each additional hour, or part thereof. Reserve items are capped at $19.50 per item. 
Hourly loans60 cents per hour, or part thereof
Items where you have been sent a 'recall notice'$1.00 per day

Lost, damaged or more than 28 days overdue items

If you lose or damage an item, or an item is not returned after a reasonable time (ie. 28 days overdue), you will be charged a replacement fee of $73.50 or repair cost (based on damage) plus a $20 admin fee. The $20 admin fee remains payable once the item is returned.

How to pay

You can pay by EFTPOS or credit card at the Melbourne or Bendigo campus Inquiry/Loans Desk. Mildura and Shepparton students ring 9479 2922 to pay by card. At other campus libraries you can pay by cash or cheque (made out to La Trobe University) at the Inquiry/Loans Desk.

At Melbourne, if you need to pay by cash ask at the Inquiry Desk.

At Albury-Wodonga, if you need to pay by credit card you can do so at Student Admin. Remember to take the receipt to the Loans Desk as proof of payment.

Unpaid fines/invoices

Fines for each item are added together.

  • If your fine total is $10 or greater, library services will be suspended. Each quarter the library will send you a bill by mail. If you do not pay the total amount within 14 days, library services, access to the Learning Management System (LMS), Student Online, and the ability to re-enrol or graduate will be suspended.
  • If your total fines are less than $10, they will be reset to zero in January of each year.

Students with outstanding charges at the end of the academic year will not be able to re-enrol or graduate. If payment has not been made within reasonable time, the library debt will be referred to the University Finance Branch for further action. This may result in additional charges being added to your debt.