Take a tour of Library Search

Basic search

Use basic search when you want to find items for your assignment or research.

  1. Type your keywords in the search box.

    Search box
  2. The resulting list of items matching your keywords may include:
    • journal articles
    • books and ebooks
    • theses
    • audiovisual items.
  3. To see the full details of the item, click on the title.
  4. If it is not an electronic item, you can see the location and the call number to locate the item on the shelves
  5. You can also use advanced keyword search or refine your search to reduce your list of results.

Advanced keyword search

If you do not know the exact title of an item, you can use a set of key words to search for your topic. Keyword search will find the search termsanywhere in the record.

Search technique Comments Examples
Phrase Type the exact phrase you need in quotation marks 'teacher education'
Wildcard Use the wildcards as follows:
matches one character
* matches zero or more characters within a word or at the end
Wildcards cannot be used as the first character of a word

ols?n will find olsen and olson
ch*ter will find charter, character and chapter temp* will find temptation, temple and temporary
*pen  would not find anything
Boolean operators Use OR between the keywords to find more items.
Use NOT between the keywords to exclude items.
NB: must be written in CAPS
'teacher education' OR 'educator training'
animal NOT dog - will exclude the term dog in your results

Refine your search results

You can use the options in the left hand panel to refine your search if get too many items showing in your results.

Refine your search

You can limit your search results by:

  • Full Text Online,
  • Peer-reviewed,
  • physical items currently on the shelf.
  • Resource type
  • Publication date
  • library location
  • subject terms

Remember to click on more options to see additional options.

Sort by Date

You can also sort the results so that they are ordered by date.

Email, Print or Export results

When you have completed your search and found the items you want to use, you can save the items and either email, print, or export the details toyourself for future reference or to include in your bibliography.

  • When the results are listed, click on the star to the left of the titles you want to save.Search - save item
  • The star will turn yellow when the item is saved.Search - save item
  • When you have added all the records, click on e-Shelf in the top-right of the screen. Search - e-Shelf My Account
  • Check the box next to each item you would like to Email or Print and then click the Email or Print buttonSearch - print or email
  • To Export the items on your list, check the box next to each item you would like to Export, select an option from the dropdown menu and clickGo.Search - export options
  • You may want to clear your saved items before doing another search. To do this, select the items in the Basket and click theSearch - clear saved items icon.
  • If you are not signed in, items will be temporarily saved for the duration of your session. If you are signed in, your items will be savedpermanently, you can organise your saved items into folders, and you can add notes to each item in your Basket by clicking on theSearch - add notes speech icon.