Policies and procedures

Conditions of library use

Collection development framework

The library has developed a collection development framework whose objective is to articulate the broad principles which ensure that library information resources are acquired in line with the University's strategic teaching and research directions.

Collection building activities ensure that La Trobe students and staff have access to information resources appropriate to their learning, teaching and/or research needs through both physical collections and online access.

These collections are complemented by intercampus loans, storage retrievals, document delivery and reciprocal arrangements with other libraries.

Information literacy policy, strategy and framework

The Information Literacy Policy was first developed as part of the Library's 2008 Strategic Priorities to align our information literacy initiatives with the directions of the teaching and learning in the University. The Policy outlines library responsibilities and objectives and was revised in 2010/2011.

In 2009, the library developed a strategy to outline an action plan for developing inquiry/research capabilities. This strategy was revised in 2010/2011 as the Information Literacy Procedure. The Information Literacy Procedure describes a university-wide method and collaborative course of action for information literacy education as a component of the University's inquiry/research graduate capability. The Information Literacy Procedure includes an Information Literacy Framework which is designed to guide the development of teaching and learning activities.

Consultation with the faculties is essential to ensure the Information Literacy Policy and Procedure stays relevant and usable. We welcome your feedback or comment. Please contact the following staff:

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