Organisational structure

The University library operates under the auspices of the office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

The library is organised into two sections working across six campuses, employing more than one hundred and twenty staff.

Organisational Chart

Jennifer Peasley, University Librarian Kerryn Amery, Associate University Librarian, Information Services Geoff Payne, Associate University Librarian, Infrastructure Services Lea Beranek, Collection Delivery & Facilities Manager Linda Sheridan, Albury Wodonga Campus Library Manager Jeanette Dazkiw, Bendigo Campus Library Manager Maureen Speed, Mildura Campus Library Manager Iris Ambrose, Shepparton Campus Library Manager Alison Bates, Collection Provision Manager Fiona Salisbury, Learning & Research Services Manager Eva Fisch, Collection Development Manager Simon Huggard, Digital Infrastructure Manager Dorota Pudlowski, Quality & Planning Manager

University Librarian

Jennifer Peasley

University Librarian

Kathy Russell

Executive Assistant to the University Librarian

Alison Bates

Collection Provision Manager

Fiona Salisbury

Learning and Research Services Manager

Infrastructure Services

Geoff Payne

Associate University Librarian, Infrastructure Services

Eva Fisch

Collection Development Manager

Simon Huggard

Digital Infrastructure Manager

Dorota Pudlowski

Quality and Planning Manager

Information Services

Kerryn Amery

Associate University Librarian, Information Services

Lea Beranek

Collection Delivery & Facilities Manager

Campus Library Managers/Librarians

Linda Sheridan

Library Manager (Albury-Wodonga)

Jeanette Dazkiw

Library Manager (Bendigo)

Maureen Speed

Campus Librarian (Mildura)

Iris Ambrose

Campus Librarian (Shepparton)

Donna Wileman

Campus Librarian (Shepparton)