Current projects

Enterprise research data management system

The Library and ICT are working together to implement an Enterprise Research Data Management System, developing and building the University's capacity to collect, curate and disseminate research data underpinning research outputs.

An Enterprise Research Data Management System (ERDMS) will enable the University to better manage research data outputs, in line with its obligations to under the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, as well as anticipated future requirements of funding agencies to require researchers to provide a research data management plan and to publish research datasets in the public domain.

We are also using the ERDMS Project to test the capability and functionality of the Figshare platform which is currently in a six month pilot at La Trobe. This platform allows researchers to store, share and selectively publish their research data while retaining full control of their work. See our Figshare guide for more information.

The system will also enable researchers to improve the management and tracking of their own research, collaborate more easily with internal and external research partners, and provide a safe, backed up and fully managed environment in which to manage their data.