Student involvement in research projects

If a student is involved in a research project involving an external party, the University will need to take particular issues into account before it can agree to the research terms.

The University cannot accept agreements that:

  • assign copyright in a student’s thesis
  • limit a student’s ability to meet examination requirements
  • delay submission of a thesis for examination
  • impose unreasonable restrictions on publication of a thesis.

Student intellectual property

Student intellectual property rights are governed by the Intellectual Property Statute and Intellectual Property Policy. If a research contract attempts to assign or licence intellectual property to another party, the University will need to ensure the contract does not affect the student’s rights.

In some circumstances, the University may accept reasonable limits on confidentiality or publication, but will need to ensure these are consistent with University policy and acceptable to the student.

The University may also have obligations to deposit a copy of the student’s thesis in the Library.

Student deed

The University must require the student to sign a student deed before permitting a student to participate in any research project with an external party. This is to ensure the student agrees to comply with relevant publication and confidentiality requirements and if necessary assign to the University rights in the project material, except for copyright in the student’s thesis.

Further information

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This article provides general information only. It is not a complete or definitive statement of the law on the subject matter. Formal legal advice should be sought in relation to particular matters.